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Nil Mutluer (PhD, Comparative Gender Studies, Central European University) is a social scientist, and occasional journalist, TV programmer and consultant for civil society and art projects.  She thinks and writes on a gender, sexuality, ethnicity, belief systems, migration, memory, nationalism and everyday life and is an advocate for rights and freedoms. Works and acts in the intersectional space of civil society, among academia, and media and arts. She is currently affiliated with Leipzig University, Institute of Religion Studies as a Senior Researcher and EUME (Europe in the Middle East) - Forum Transregionale Studien in Berlin as a Research Fellow. Lives in the transnational space between Berlin and Istanbul. She calls in-betweenness home.

on media
cultural project

Library of Resistance
Divergent Roads of History
in Gorki Kiosk 

Panel Discussions
in Studio DR

Curated by Nil Mutluer and Murat Özbank

as part of Gezi, Ten Years After

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opinion piece

Türkiye'de cinsiyet ve cinsellik politikalarının 100 yılı:
Sessizden dayatılmış cinselleştirilmeye
(100 years of gender and sexuality politics in Turkey:
From silent to imposed sexualization)




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Transnational othering

Global Diversities: Media, Extremism, Free Expression

Elisabeth Eide, Kristin Skare Orgeret &

Nil Mutluer (eds.)

This anthology addresses complex, interconnected issues, such as the rise of extremism and terrorism, diversity and minority rights, as well as the situation for freedom of expression in eight different countries, most of them with a Muslim majority population. Extremists recruit terrorists through social media, and target minorities as well as freedom loving people by utilizing their freedom of expression..

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