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Contested Authorities over Life Politics Religious-Secular Tensions in Abortion Debates in Germany, Turkey, and Israel

Nil Mutluer and Shvat Eilat

In: Comparative Sociology
Authors: Gökce Yurdakul, Gala Rexer, Shvat Eilat, and Nil Mutluer
Online Publication 

11 Dec 2019

Diyanet's Role in Building the 'Yeni (New) Milli' in the AKP Era

Nil Mutluer


Publication date: 2018

Publication name: 2018, European Journal of Turkish Studies

ISSN: 1773-0546

This study argues that Diyanet has become one of the most important political symbols and representatives of the “yeni milli” (new national) – or as named by AKP members, “yerli ve milli” (homegrown and national) – values and neoliberal economic policies that the AKP seeks to instil and implement. 

Yapısal, Sosyal ve Ekonomi-Politik Yönleriyle Diyanet İşleri (Structural, Social and Political-Economic Aspects of the Presidency of Religious Affairs)

Nil Mutluer

ISBN: 978-605-84715-0-4

Publication Date: 2014

Publication Name:  Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı Araştırması: Algılar, Memnuniyet, Beklentiler KONDA Araştırma

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